Footie food ranking pits UK grounds grub against each another from pies to kebabs

The game could be up for pies and burgers on the terraces with clubs now offering a wide range of half-time treats.

A Twitter account named Footy Scran is documenting the array of delightful delicacies on offer at grounds across the UK.

And among title contenders is Tottenham Hotspur’s £10 Beavertown battered haddock and chips with mushy peas. One review said: “Stunning, utterly stunning.”

Elsewhere Bolton fans can tuck into a decadent £8 chicken tikka naan and garlic fries.

But while many dishes are a hit on the account run by Tom Sibley, others are falling down the taste table.

One fan said of Millwall’s £5 burger they had “Seen better served in prison”.

And the £3.50 “Wigan kebab” – a pie in a bun – served at Rochdale seemed to polarise opinion.

Elsewhere, Chelsea fans at The Bridge were forced to shell out a £12.50 for chicken and chips.

But Aston Villa’s £8 chicken tikka and chips was a winner, one fan saying: “Get in my face. Well played Aston Villa.”

Earlier this year a Southport FC took centre stage in the Footy Scran debate – with Piers Morgan’s son weighing in on the matter.

The dirty fries offered at Southport became a contentious topic despite many agreeing the food was in fact a “scran”.

The post, tweeted out on Wednesday, February 16, said: “Dirty fries – fries, bashed burger, sausage, onions and cheese at Southport FC (@southport_fc @lourdes_deli).”

Underneath, a poll was created giving people the option to vote scran or no scran. Much to the delight of Southport foodies, the dirty fries had a landslide victory with 79.4% of 18,500 people voting in favour of the fries.

This sparked fury amongst the @FootyScran faithful, one of which being Spencer Morgan, son of broadcaster Piers Morgan.

Spencer Morgan replied in a quote tweet saying: “That’s 100% come straight out of a bin.

“And everyone saying how good it looks.

“Weird country this.”

Following his tweet, he came under fire for what appeared to be quite a controversial opinion.

@DaveGOwen replied: “I’m sure @southport_fc @lourdes_deli are really happy with your well thought out and qualified criticism.”

@LBH1278 said: “That looks amazing 10/10.”